Propak design and create a 3D baggage carrousel model in weeks!


Aerospace companies often announce new products and technologies at the world-renowned Passenger Terminal Expo which was held at London’s ExCel centre last month.

This year at the show saw the introduction of many new and innovative products including a self-drop baggage carrousel with a SelfPass biometric facial scanning solution that is said to be the world’s first truly end-to-end single enrolment biometric system. The new system is topped to replace the current one in airports around the world and is already in use by JetBlue at New York’s JFK International Airport in cooperation with US Customs Border and Protection.

The idea was formed out of the ever-growing travel industry and constant need to speed up the check-in process, improve security and move the dated systems into the technological world. The change also comes, as sadly in a recent case, the current system proved dangerous – a fatality was recorded with a current and dated carousel which could have been prevented – whenever there is a fatality involved its crucial to look at how it happened and how to ensure it never happens again.

One of the world-leading aerospace companies came to Propak Sheet Metal to design and manufacture the 3D model for the new baggage carrousel – we were thrilled to be working with such a prestigious client on such an innovative and crucially lifesaving product. Propak 3D modelled and designed the whole unit from start to finish ensuring it would be able to handle the strenuous life of a baggage carrousel whilst optimising the aerospace company’s technology and most importantly was flawlessly safe.

There were several reasons why Propak were chosen for the job having worked within the aerospace sector before, over 40 years’ experience, trusted globally, accredited to the highest standard including AS9100 but also our ability to turn an idea into a reality in the shortest time across the industry.

With an in-house team of experts and a purpose-built factory that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Propak can work to the tightest of deadlines. The leading aerospace company needed the new carrousel to be designed and manufactured in just 4 weeks, so it was ready to showcase at the Passenger Terminal Expo. Propak had the designs ready within days and the new baggage carrousel was then manufactured to the highest standard and delivered to the show ready for them to showcase.

Working to tight deadlines is never a problem for Propak but we even impressed ourselves and the industry for turning such an innovative idea that will transform the way passengers travel and improve the safety of workers in airports around the world into reality in just 4 weeks.