Bead Blasting & Thermal Hot Zinc Spraying

Propak offer Hot Zinc Thermal Spraying as it provides enhanced anti-corrosive protection and can be used for very long-life coating requirements, particularly those being subjected to marine environments.

Modern thermal arc spray technology is used to spray melted pure zinc metal wire which is atomised in molten form onto the shot or bead blasted substrate. The low heat input during spraying eliminates the risk of the thermal distortion of fabricated parts and can be applied to a far greater coating thicknesses ranging from 50 microns to 250 microns.

The process gives Propak total control over the zinc thickness applied and is recognised by International and European Standards ENISO 14713 as giving greater than 20 years to the first maintenance required in very aggressive environments, such as the marine splash zone. In addition, Hot Zinc Spraying provides a far superior adhesion strength for paint systems as it provides an excellent matt substrate unlike ‘shiny’ galvanized coatings.

Zinc Sprayed components can be powder coated or wet sprayed which produce a beautiful blend of corrosion resistance and a superb finish.