Painting & Surface Treatments & Electro Plating

Our surface finishing departments are spread across 32,000 sq. ft and form a major part of our business, offering the largest range and highest specification of finishes available on the market.

All processes are carried out in-house so we have complete control over quality, production, planning and delivery. It ensures our products are manufactured and finished to the highest standards as we do not have to rely on the delivery performance, quality or capacity of subcontract suppliers. For further reassurance, our quality control systems provide accurate traceability and documentation of all parts and we take the responsibility and accountability required to meet our customer demands.

• Stove Enamelling – LUL, Rolls Royce and DEF Standard approved
• Electrostatic Powder Coating – LUL, Rolls Royce and DEF Standard approved
• Electro Plating Dept – 80 processes including Salt Spray & Conductivity Testing Chambers
• Silk Screening & all associated activities
• Bead Blasting & Thermal Zinc Metal Spraying
• Stainless Steel Polishing & Graining
• Laser Marking
• Engraving and labelling

Painting Department

Formed in 1992 our highly skilled, in-house painting department has many years’ experience in the powder coating, wet spray and stove enamelling industry. It helps us offer convenient and cost-effective end-to-end manufacturing and finishing solutions for all our customers.

Large investments in our state-of-the-art powder coating and stove enamelling plant, has given us the capability to finish components up to 3m high x 3m long x 3m wide.

Propak can offer both DEF Standard and British Standard finishes. We are approved to use industry leading suppliers such as Akzo Nobel, Cromodex, Thermoset IGP, Trimite and Valspar and can provide back-to back warranties for all our finishes.


To ensure excellent results, preparation is the key. Propak have a range of in-house pre-treatments to ensure the highest levels of adhesion and a blemish free finish.

• Phosphating
• Shot and bead blasting
• Thermal Zinc Metal Spraying – 25 year warranty
• Chromate Conversion – Alochrome 1200
• SURTEC 650

Aluminium must be subjected to rigorous pre-treatment to ensure thorough cleaning and surface preparation. At Propak our extensive in-house facilities and quality-assurance makes sure the pre-treatment process includes full-immersion acid cleaning, plus an acid etch which provides a superior matt surface for further chemical treatment and eliminates any defects.

These processes guarantee effective surface preparation for the relevant parts, to allow excellent application and adhesion of both electrostatic powder coating and wet spray applications.

Stove Enamelling – Wet Spray

Using the latest wet spray technology, Propak can offer a large range of finishes to DEF Standards and produce products 3.5m wide x 3m deep x 2.6m high. We have enclosed and pressurised water extracted booths which provide a clean environment meaning a completely blemish and inclusion free finish.

Our experienced wet spray applicators use modern technology including airless wet spray methods which increase the scope of our capabilities. Backed by over 30 years of experience in this field we can help advise and specify suitable paint systems to meet the requirements of your project and its environment.

Our customer led approach means we provide support that is both reliable and cost effective.

• Two pack polyurethane coatings
• Acrylic paints
• Cellulose coatings
• Stoving finishes and enamels
• Metallic paints
• Texture finishes
• Spatter finishes
• Smooth finishes
• Low smoke and toxic fume emission systems
• Lacquers and varnishes


• BS4800 Range
• BS381C Range
• RAL Colours
• Pantone Range
• Colour matches

Gloss Levels

• Matt
• Eggshell
• Semi-Gloss
• Full Gloss

Stove Enameling Sheet Metal

Electrostatic Powder Coating

Propak are approved applicators for some of the world’s largest paint manufacturers such as Akzo Nobel, Cromodex, Thermoset, Trimite PSG, IGP and Valspar. We can provide back-to-back manufacturer warranties for all our powder coated finishes.

We use various powders including Polyester, Epoxy and Polyurethane as well as Extra-life Architectural grade powders for extended warranties.

The range of colours available is virtually unlimited and we can powder coat mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

The high class of finish is evident in everything that we do and in particular with our blemish free powder coated surfaces as they are more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing than any other finish.

Our powder reclamation machinery makes the process environmentally friendly as virtually no pollutants are released into the air.

In addition to the vast range of colour we can provide a various finishes in:

• Gloss
• Semi gloss
• Matt
• Smooth
• Texture
• Leatherette
• Stipple
• Hammer
• Metallic
• Standard RAL Colours, Pantones & colour matching are also available

All our gloss finishes are carried out in a pressurised booth ensuring a flawless finish.

Sheet Metal Polyester Powder Coating


Formed in 1993, we have a dedicated 13,000 sq. ft. self-contained Electro Plating plant which has 45 tanks allowing us to provide a combination of 80 different RoHs compliant plating processes:

• SURTEC-650V (RoHs Compliant)
• SURTEC 650 (RoHs Compliant) (Alochrom 1200, 1000)
• Zinc & Colour Passivates Trivalent (RoHs Compliant)
• Zinc & Colour Passivates Hexvalent (Non RoHs Compliant)
• Electroless Nickel
• Nickel Striking
• Electro Tinning Plating
• Copper Flashing
• Anodising All Colours
• Alochroming
• Chromium Trivalent Sateen Bright
• Hot Tin Dipping
• Silver Plating
• Phosphating
• Chemi-Black
• Cleaning of Stainless Steel by Dip processing & Bymat Electrical Applications
• Stainless Polishing – ALL RoHS & WEEE Compliant

Conductivity and Salt Spray Chamber Testing

Propak has recently been approved to MIL Standards & MBDA specifications so it can now provide conductivity and salt spray testing for Defence and Military customers.

Electro- Plating Sheet Metal

Silk Screening

Propak has a dedicated silk-screening and artwork design department with full AGFA darkroom facilities.

Our designers can produce complex screens to meet our customers’ exact requirements. Jigs are then manufactured to hold the screens which can then be used to repeatedly and consistently print on almost any part, even those with intricate geometric shapes.

Bead Blasting & Thermal Hot Zinc Spraying

Propak offer Hot Zinc Thermal Spraying as it provides enhanced anti-corrosive protection and can be used for very long-life coating requirements, particularly those being subjected to marine environments.

Modern thermal arc spray technology is used to spray melted pure zinc metal wire which is atomised in molten form onto the shot or bead blasted substrate. The low heat input during spraying eliminates the risk of the thermal distortion of fabricated parts and can be applied to a far greater coating thicknesses ranging from 50 microns to 250 microns.

The process gives Propak total control over the zinc thickness applied and is recognised by International and European Standards ENISO 14713 as giving greater than 20 years to the first maintenance required in very aggressive environments, such as the marine splash zone. In addition, Hot Zinc Spraying provides a far superior adhesion strength for paint systems as it provides an excellent matt substrate unlike ‘shiny’ galvanized coatings.

Zinc Sprayed components can be powder coated or wet sprayed which produce a beautiful blend of corrosion resistance and a superb finish.

Stainless Steel Graining & Polishing

To complement our stainless steel fabrication department and to facilitate our customers who require stainless steel finishes. We provide a range of finishes in any grade of 304/316:

• Mirror Polished finish
• Bright Annealed finish
• Satin finish (from 60 grit to 400 grit finish)
• Brushed, Grained or Polished finish