Metal Folding & Forming

With 12 CNC bending machine centres operating 24 hours a day, we have extensive capacity to fulfil any of our customers’ requirements however demanding they are.

Propak partner with world class metal folding machine suppliers, Amada and TRUMPF. Their machinery is the most high-tech in the world and are driven by the latest and most innovative software. From programming to set-up and actual bending they are the fastest and most accurate, which leads to lean manufacture and increased productivity. Machines are operated by our highly skilled engineers who handle parts with the utmost care in order to avoid any marking whilst maintaining the highest levels of finish that was achieved by the machinery – all in-house.

Linked to 3D CAD/CAM programming systems, our brake presses are fully equipped to seamlessly manufacture parts with many bends and high levels of complexity.
Our impressive range of brake presses include the TruBend Series 5000, which is TRUMPF’s most successful bending machine in the world, 3m Amada HSE 3i and the fastest and most efficient machine on the market Trumpf Trubend 7000.

The diversity of our machinery provide us with the versatility to form almost any shape or angle and enables us to offer customers the most cost-effective metal folding solutions at all times.

• 2 x 5m Trumpf TruBend Series 5000
• 6 x 2m Amada HFE-M2 Series
• 1 x 3m Amada HFE3i
• 1 x Trumpf Trubend 7000

Materials & Sizes:

• 3m sheet size
• Vast range of tooling to form any shape or bend
• Mild Steel – 25mm
• Zintec and Pre-Galv – 25mm
• Stainless Steel – 20mm
• Aluminium – 12mm
• Copper – 12mm
• Brass – 8mm