Linishing & Cleaning

Linishing and fettling is very much a specialisation at Propak as, with the right skill levels, welded joints are impenetrable. To ensure we achieve the very highest standards, Propak run a dedicated team of fettlers and linishers whose specialisation is the cleaning and finishing of welds. They have no crossover in any other part of the manufacturing process and, as such, specialising in this process ensures that they have the experience to produce finishes of the very highest standards consistantly.

Our recent investment in the latest Time Saver finishing machine, has taken our finishing to the next level. The machine is purpose built to produce a variety of finishes, including edge rounding and vibro finishes ready for finishing in our in-house painting or plating shops.

Stainless Steel Graining & Polishing

Stainless steel offers the highest levels of durability and corrosion resistance and can be finished without the need for painting or plating in any grade.

We are able to offer a range of stainless steel finishes:

• Polished
• Brushed or vibroed
• Grained
• Glass bead blasted
• Bymat:- our electrolysis stainless welder cleaner removes weld colouring.