Welding (Coded & Commercial)

As fine limit sheet metal manufacturers, welding and spot welding form a huge part of our offering. We offer welding to meet both commercial standards and Coded Welding to Defence & Aerospace Standards; Marine, Oil & Gas Industry Standards. (BS4872 Part 1&2 and BCAR Subsection 4.8 Chapter A810)

Our welding engineers come with a wealth of experience and they are highly trained making them the best-in-class, as the welding of light and medium gauge aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel requires the highest level of skill to achieve a high quality finish with minimal heat distortion.

Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with 12 dedicated welding bays, we can offer huge capacity and the flexibility to meet and exceed any of our customers’ demands. All bays are fully equipped with full MIG and TIG facilities to weld all ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Quality is never lost in the finishing of our welding processes. We have a team of dedicated linishers and fettlers who specialise in metal dressing, promoting the highest level of consistency and quality of finish. Also, discolouring of welds in stainless steel can be removed by our electrolysis.

To accompany this, we offer stainless steel polishing, graining and bead blasting, and have recently invested in the latest Time Saver finishing machine, which is purpose built to produce a variety of finishes, including edge rounding to encourage injury free components.

• Coded Welding to Defense & Military BS4872
• Aluminium, Steel & Stainless Steel
• 150 KVA Spot Welding
• Aluminium Spot Welding
• Stainless Steel Spot Welding
• Mild Steel spot welding