CNC Punching

Our CNC Punching Machine Centres are directly networked to our Design & Programming office, where our programmers use the latest CAD/CAM software technology to both run the machines and automate the layout of parts to optimise material usage. This keeps waste to a minimum and helps us to provide our customers with rapid delivery times and competitively priced parts.

We receive files in 2 or 3D format such as DXF, DWG, IGES, STEP or ACIS. Our programmers then use these files to create the components for flat sheet metal pressings which can be anything from simple holes to complex geometric shapes.

Our customers benefit from our wide range of tooling which also helps reduce the amount of fabrication following on from cutting the sheet blanks – making manufacturing more efficient for our customers:

• Piercing and Punch sheared edges
• Forming tabs
• 3D Ribs on either side of the sheet
• 3D Dimples
• Embossing
• Form 3D Louvre slots and upforms
• Extruding
• Slots & recesses
• Countersinking
• Taptite screw thread plunges
• Electrical knockouts
• Small tab folding
• Tapping

Once programmed, small batch runs can seamlessly be scaled-up to larger scale production runs to suit our customers supply demands. The flexibility of this operation does not stop here as our CNC Punching Machines have incredibly high accuracy and the capability to punch components from sheet sizes of 2500mm x 1250mm at the following thicknesses:

• 0.5mm – 6mm Stainless Steel
• 0.5mm – 6mm Mild Steel
• 0.5mm – 6mm Aluminium
• 0.5mm – 6mm Zintec
• 0.5mm – 6mm Copper
• 0.5mm – 6mm Brass
• 0.5mm – 6mm Pre-Coated Steels.