Salt Bathing & Conductivity Testing

Propak have recently been approved to MIL Standards & MBDA specifications and are now able to provide conductivity and salt spray testing for our Defence and Military customers backed up by these approvals.

Our salt spray testing chambers are used for advanced corrosion testing to assess the corrosion resistance of materials and plated surface finishes. It is particularly useful for our customer in the Military, Defence, Marine, Automotive, Oils & Gas industries, allowing us to provide a fast turnaround without having to having to rely on a third party testing house.

Conductivity Testing

Approved to MIL Standard, our conductivity testing is used to check the conductivity of plated surfaces before and after the plating process to ensure the conductivity stays within the range tested.

The reciprocal value of the test reveals how well the plated surface conducts electrical current and indirectly allows us to draw conclusions about changes in the metal’s composition, microstructure and mechanical properties.