To match the demand for shorter lead-times, Propak introduced KANBAN and JIT delivery systems in 1995 and it has been extensively used by all of our customer ever since. Propak run a fully integrated ship from stock solution for our customers and hold approximately £1.8m finished goods in our secure 13,000 sq. ft. storage and assembly area.

We can manufacture specialist trolleys and racks, and returnable packaging to make production and assembly more efficient for our customers.

The lead times for KANBAN supply are as short as the next day and for higher demand products, an internal KANBAN system ensures continuity of supply for scheduled deliveries.

Customers Gain a Price Advantage:

Using our KANBAN facility helps our customers to gain price advantages as we are happy to quote against your E.A.U. Quoting against larger quantities means set-up charges and handling costs are spread over a larger number of parts making our price even more competitive.

Our KANBAN offering gives our customers greater flexibility and provides you with only the parts that you need, when you need them and all based on your actual demand.