Additional Services

Electro-Mechanical Assembly

At Propak, we offer a comprehensive electro-mechanical assembly service to support our core business of manufacturing.  We can provide customer specific, part assembled, or market-ready products, that meet the highest standards required.

Our skilled assemblers can guarantee attention to detail from start-to-finish and are familiar with the specification requirements of each project, working diligently using kits of parts, detailed drawings and BOM’s.

Our offering is also scalable as we can seamlessly move from samples, testing and prototypes, produced quickly and efficiently; to full scale production, as we have the capacity and controls to in place to deliver even the most complex sub-assemblies to meet the most demanding project timescales.

Our design teams offer support with ‘design for manufacture’ and investigate methods to continually improve the manufacturing process to offer flexible and cost-saving operations, guaranteeing smooth introduction of new products to meet and exceed customer requirements
The above is backed up with the highest level of control and quality standards through our accreditations AS9100D & ISO9001:2015.

Assembly of can range from simple inserts to full OEM component assembly; using, but not limited to, the fitting of:

  • Fastenings
  • Inserts
  • Hinges building
  • Castors
  • Fan mounts and heat-sinks
  • PCB installation/assembly
  • Electrostatic discharge-compliant (ESD)
  • Integrated Screen mounting
  • Cable loops and wiring.
  • Vinyl wrap
  • Bonding
  • Grommets
  • Contract packaging
  • Permanent part marking
  • Spring mechanisms
  • Labelling & Digital print application
  • Vinyl lettering
Sheet Metal Component Assembly

£1.8m KANBAN Finished Goods Warehouse

To match the demand for ever shorter lead-times, Propak introduced KANBAN and JIT delivery systems in 1995 and it has been extensively used by all of our customer ever since.  Propak run a fully integrated ship from stock solution for our customer and hold approximately £1.8m finished goods in our secure 13,000 sq ft storage and assembly area.

We can manufacture specialist trolleys and racks, and returnable packaging to make production and assembly more efficient for our customers.

The lead times for KANBAN supply are as short as the next day and for higher demand products, an internal KANBAN system ensures continuity of supply for scheduled deliveries.

Customers Gain a Price Advantage:

Using our KANBAN facility helps our customers to gain price advantages as we are happy to quote against your E.A.U.  Quoting against larger quantities amortises set-up charges and handling costs over across a larger number of parts to make our price more competitive.

Our KANBAN offering gives our customers greater flexibility and provides you with only the parts that you need, when you need them and all based on your actual demand.

Laser Part Marking and Engraving

The ability to manage specific serial numbers, barcoding, part marking and engraving, greatly benefits our customers identification and traceability of parts. From simple to sophisticated markings, including barcodes and QR codes, we are able to provide a fast and efficient service for every component marking application.

Utilising traditional engraving methods, chemical etching, a wide format of printing and the very latest in laser marking technology, we can repetitively mark parts to your exact specification on virtually any material from plastic through to stainless steel.

Salt Bathing & Conductivity Testing

Propak have recently been approved to MIL Standards & MBDA specifications and are now able to provide conductivity and salt spray testing for our Defence and Military customers backed up by these approvals.

Our salt spray testing chambers are used for advanced corrosion testing to assess the corrosion resistance of materials and plated surface finishes. It is particularly useful for our customer in the Military, Defence, Marine, Automotive, Oils & Gas industries, allowing us to provide a fast turnaround without having to having to rely on a third party testing house.

Conductivity Testing

Approved to MIL Standard, our conductivity testing is used to check the conductivity of plated surfaces before and after the plating process to ensure the conductivity stays within the range tested.

The reciprocal value of the test reveals how well the plated surface conducts electrical current and indirectly allows us to draw conclusions about changes in the metal’s composition, microstructure and mechanical properties.